She is a check out girl…

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I had been dating Sara at London escorts for about six months when I realised that there was more to her than met the eye. One Sunday morning when I had popped into my local supermarket for something to eat for my Sunday dinner, I thought I recognised a girl on the way in. She was on one of the tills and working with a big smile on her face. It was clear that she was very popular with the customer. I stopped and looked for a moment, and smile to myself. She really did remind me of Sara, if it was not for the glasses.


The store was packed, and it took me some time to find what I wanted for my Sunday dinner. In between shopping and fighting of screaming kids with their parents, I kept thinking about that girl on the check out. Her hair was up but had it been down, she would have looked a lot like Sara at the London escorts service that I used. I felt a little confused and wondered why a girl from a London escortsservice would work in a supermarket. However, on my way to the tills, I made sure that I ended up standing in the line to this particular girl’s till.


As I stood there, I tried to look at the hands. Sure, the nails were long but the nail polish did not remind me of Sara. Also the girl was shorter than Sara. Then I realised that Sara wore heels on dates, and clearly working in a supermarket would not call for that at all. She seemed so familiar and it was her easy attitude with customer that really made me wonder. Sara did have a gift for dealing with people.


I put my groceries on the belt, and watched them slowly creep their way down to the actual check out. The moment the girl put her hand on the eggs, I knew it was Sara. She was wearing a thumb ring that I had bought her. It was so distinct with a lady bird on it. Sara was perhaps the only girl out of all of London’s crazy London escorts who loved lady birds. It made me smile as I saw her face, but she did manage to keep that sunny smile going. She looked at me with her glasses slightly down, and asked me to meet her in the coffee place next doors in ten minutes when she finished her shift.


I found a table in a quiet corner, and when Sara appeared 15 minutes later, I could not help but to grin like a Cheshire cat. Her hair was down, but she still had those glasses on. To me she looked sexier than ever, and I knew that I would just have to get to her a bit better with. With her oversized boyfriend sweater on which revealed one slim shoulder, old jeans and a pair of flats on she explained to me what she was doing in the supermarket. It would seem that a lot of London escorts have other jobs to sort of cover their  tracks. Sara said this was her gig. Believe me, since then I have often ended up taking a sexy young blonde with glasses to a rather late Sunday dinner. No matter what, Sara will always be my check out girl.

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