Man Gets Huge Discount From Escort For Job Well Done

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Imagine a case where you want your sexual desires to be satisfied, and as a result you contact a local escort agency for their services. Upon hiring the escort and booking her for a date, she shows up and both of you enjoy sex. When it comes to paying her for the services, she surprises you with a huge discount. This is exactly what happened to a Londoner named Lukas. Lukas is a 28-year-old man working in a popular restaurant in London. Lukas chose to hire the services of a cheap London escort after staying a lonely man close to 8 months. He had therefore gone for some time without sex.

Lukas took a day off from his restaurant duties. Due to the level of his income he’d chosen to go for cheap London escorts. He did all that was required of him to get an escort to pay him a visit. At around 11 am Violet arrived at his home. He was so delighted to see her. Violet was beautiful and nicely-dressed, a factor that made Lukas feel more at ease and motivated to have sex with her. After a small talk, Lukas held Violet by the waist with one hand while the other played with her lips, cheeks, and neck. It also helped move her closer for a kiss. While kissing, Lukas’ hands were busy doing other things, like unbuttoning and unzipping her clothing. In no time, all her clothes were off. His savvy hands were exploring her “goldmine”. All these actions made her body red hot.

Violet’s first stop was on the reading table in the room. She bent on it while still raising her foot slightly high, exposing all she could to Lukas. Slightly opening her butts using his hands, Lukas made a gentle entry into her pussy. His penis made back and forth movements. He expertly withdrew from the action and led her to the couch. She sat down and spread her legs wide open. He went on his knees and the next thing she realized was his tongue interacting with her clit. She got more pleasure than what she had expected. What happened after that can only be imagined; she had multiple orgasms. In the second session, it was payback time for Violet. Lukas enjoyed it all. At the end of these steamy sessions, Lukas was surprised to receive a huge discount from Violet and this marked the beginning of a series of steamy dates for the two.

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