Should I use the same body lotion all over my body?

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Like all of the other girls at, I like to make sure that my skin is nice and smooth. But, recently I have started to wonder if using the same body lotion all over your body is the best thing to do. When you look at your skin after you have stepped out of the shower, you will notice that it has different textures. For instance, the skin can be drier on your arms than on your legs.


Also, if you walk around in high heels all day and night like London escorts, you may find you suffer from legless pains or tired legs. If you do, you want to check out body lotions which might help you.  There are some body lotions which contain horse chestnut which is excellent for micro circulation, and can both help to improve the skin on your legs and make your legs feel less tired and achy at the same time.


The skin on your arms is often drier, and as we expose our arms a lot more, it can pick up dust. It can also easily become crepey, and that does not look very nice. We often dry brush our legs to help to get rid of cellulite, but the truth is that we seldom dry brush our arms. It is just as important to dry brush your arms as your legs, and using the right kind of body lotion helps as well. It surprised me that almost all London escorts never dried brushed their arms, and used a body lotion containing made from oats such as Barnangens.


How about your stomach and back? Yes, you should use another lotion here as well. A mild lotion is a good idea as we often keep these areas covered up, and our skin doe not get a chance to breathe through our clothing. You can indeed use dry brushing, but for instance, you should no dry brush your breasts. They are simply to sensitive. Chamomile based body lotions or marigold based lotions, are very good as well. If you don’t want to break the bank, check out lotions from companies like Yves Rocher which are very good.


It is all about preserving the quality of your skin and keep it moist. Some of the girls at London escorts think that I am a skin care guru, but in fact, I am not a skin care guru at all. I have learned from my own mistakes and now I think I know what works for me. That does not mean that it is going to work for all of the other girls at London escorts. We are all special and need special help. It is a bit like our sexuality. It is unique and to enjoy it, you need to learn how to appreciate it and look after it. After all, it is nice to touch nice and smooth skin, and know that you look great as well.

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